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CarTract2 CarTract2

The CARTRACT 2 has been designed to move all types of conventional vehicles up to 4000 kg (4.0 tons or 8818 lbs) and with a front or rear overhang of 2.20m on floors such as tarmac parking, workshops in soil cement or resins.

The CARTRACT 2 consists of a variable chassis depending on the wheelbase wheelbase, it is equipped with a hydraulic control actuating actuators cylinders and wheel locks. The CARTRACT 2 can be equipped with a conventional electric pallet truck or factory equipped with an electric power unit or thermal drive.

Our Price: $20,000.00
CarTract4 CarTract4

CarTract was designed to move any type of conventional vehicle up to 2500 kg (2.5 tons) across a variety of road surfaces. The CarTract carriage consists of a steel frame which can be varied in length dependent on the wheelbase of the vehicle, this is achieved through a hydraulically controlled cylinder and employing wheel train interlocks. CarTract is powered by onboard rechargeable batteries and electro hydraulic.

Our Price: $23,000.00
EasTract EasTract

EasTract is a tow truck on caterpillars controlled by a radio-command and is halfway between the forklift truck and the tow truck.
This french invention is very effective for the towing and the handling of vehicle.
The concept is to remove all types of vehicles, gently and without any technical constraints (the system slip underneath the vehicle and lift it without traction effect).
EasTract is able to take a vehicle even if the car is locked, damaged or burned, about anywhere (underground parking, small courtyard, in a filed, in the mud or on the snow, etc...), specially where a truck can not go because of it size.
The tow truck can go on a truck with it load, with a vehicle of 2.5 tons, even if the truck is not a tow truck and it can go down and park the vehicle to store it.

Our Price: $45,000.00